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Crowd funding campaign: Sanbreeze Oy, the SANBREEZE Technology Platform (STP) mixes reality and virtual reality features

Sanbreeze Oy is an innovative software developer whose aim is to serve current markets with cutting edge technology. The foundation to achieve this is Sanbreeze Oy’s own IPR, a technological platform – called STP – that allows combining virtual reality with reality. Our product can be used as a marketing tool, but more importantly, it can be integrated within a multi platform game.

“The STP platform creates amazing new and virtually unlimited possibilities for brand marketers and mobile game developers.”, says Pepe Forsberg CEO of Sanbreeze Oy. As its initial project Sanbreeze Oy has successfully secured the exclusive rights to “The Future is Wild” brand by signing an agreement with the Australian based Intellectual Property holder, “The Future is Wild Pty Ltd”. The company will build “The Future is Wild – The Evolution Game” utilizing its “STP” platform as a proof of concept game containing reality and virtual reality functionalities. Peter Marks, Director of The Future is Wild Pty Ltd says: “This step represents an incredibly important development for the company and the transformation of its rich content into the digital age. At the same time it will help to ensure that the existing and new stories currently being developed will reach the widest possible global audience.“

Forsberg continued, “We currently are working on the integration of STP with the Future is Wild content and aim to release the first generation of the game in Q1, 2015. The initial version will adopt the storyline of the original documentary series. Subsequent releases will utilize the new stories which have already been developed. By utilizing the crowd funding program, our aim is to raise sufficient funds to complete the development phase and be ready to launch the game in Q1, 2015. Given the broad appeal of the game we expect to attract funding from a wide variety of investors. In this initial round, Sanbreeze is seeking to raise up to €250.000,00, giving the investors up to 10% equity stake.”

Sanbreeze Oy is a limited company, based in Finland. The company was founded 2014 and is owned by ICESTORM Entertainment GmbH (100% of the shares). ICESTORM Entertainment GmbH is a part of the ICESTORM Group Holding GmbH & Co KG, located in Berlin, Germany. The sole shareholder of the ICESTORM Group Holding GmbH & Co KG, has the control as a majority shareholder of the affiliate companies in Germany and Australia, including Sanbreeze GmbH in Germany and The Future is Wild Pty Ltd. in Australia.

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For further information please contact: Mr. Pepe Forsberg, MBA CEO • • tel. +358401766969






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