Documentary Series

Documentary Series


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An Award winning, ratings breaking series – doubling previous best ever viewing figures for Discovery’s U.S. channel Animal Planet, broadcasted by leading channels worldwide. DVD distribution is in over 30 countries and the programmes carried by 20 airlines.


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The FUTURE is WILD Documentary Series is available in four formats:

  • 13 x half-hour episodes with four programmes for each of the time periods of 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future – each programme covering a different part of those worlds, their forests, seas, deserts etc. plus an introductory programme.
  • 3 x one-hour episodes, with one programme each for the era of 5 million years from now (Title: ICE WORLD), 100 million years from now (Title: HOTHOUSE WORLD) and 200 million years from now (Title: NEW WORLD).
  • 90-minute special version edited by Discovery’s Animal Planet, only available in the U.S.
  • 20-minute dome screen version specially created for planetariums by Evans & Sutherland
  • each program also available on various VoD platforms


New York Festival 2004, USA, Silver World Medal Status

Ekofilm Festival 2003, Czech Republic, FIRST PRIZE, Best Scientific Programme

Wildscreen Festival 2003, UK, PANDA AWARD, Nominated as a Festival Finalist

International Wildlife Film Festival 2003, Missoula/USA, Honorable Mention to Jo Adams

Wildlife Festival 2003, Japan, Nominated as a Festival Finalist

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2003, USA, Nominated as a Festival Finalist

Press about the documentaries

“A Wild and Woolly Look into the Future.” (Los Angeles Times, USA)

“A team of 15 eminent scientists took four years to make the series, which uses computer generated images to explore the development of the earth over the next 200 million years.” (The Independent, UK)

“What a World!” (Tierfreund, Germany)

“Futurassic Park!!! …a stunning 13-part British made documentary series” (Daily Mail, UK)

Broadcast & Licensing

Interested in licensing the Documentary Series to broadcast on your TV- or VoD-Channel? Please contact us for more information. Now also available in HD!