The Educational Value

A unique mix of Science and Imagination combined with Education and Entertainment.

The FUTURE is Wild provides the World with a valuable educational resource, a platform for a unique hands on experience of How our world works and Why change happens. The FUTURE is Wild does not just explain the facts, it encourages us to think. Its educational activities can bring out the Creative Spirit within all of us, and teach us how to balance it within the requirements of scientific integrity. 

In Schools, Colleges and Exhibitions, in Home Education, and for those with Special Needs, in Europe, in the US, and from Singapore to Bogota, The FUTURE is WILD team has worked with, has excited, and has inspired children of all ages and all abilities, their teachers, and their parents. 

The FUTURE is WILD’s own devised UK curriculum specific lesson plans are freely available to schools worldwide, but should an educational establishment wish to devise its own projects, then The FUTURE is WILD team is there to help.

Please just ask us. 

We believe that The FUTURE is WILD’s unique way of encouraging original thought and helping people to understand and appreciate how our natural world works is for all of us to share.

Education Is Wild