Animated Kids Series

Animated Kids Series

Join CG and her friends on their amazing future adventures.

Four very cool kids and their stowaway pet Squibbon travel through time to explore The FUTURE is WILD’s amazing environments and seriously weird inhabitants.

10,000 years in the future Planet Earth is in the grip of an Ice Age. C.G., an inhabitant from the seventh solar system, is sent into the future using her father’s time flyer to try and find a more habitable time for the human race to continue. A technical error sends her first back to the present day where she meets up with Ethan, Emily and Luis who join her for the most amazing adventures in The FUTURE is WILD worlds

Key Production Staff

Production company: Nelvana Inc.
Director: Mike Fallows
Script writer: Steve Sullivan
Animation: STEE (T&S)
Science: Joanna Adams


  • 26 x half hour animated series
  • a co-production between children’s specialist Nelvana Inc. (Canada) and ST Electronics Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
  • supported by Media Development Authority Singapore
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